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What iPad do i have?

If you’re curious about the model of your iPad and wish to find the corresponding model number, the table below provides a comprehensive list. The model number is a distinctive identifier crucial for identifying your specific iPad model.

To locate the model number on your iPad, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your iPad.
  2. Tap on “General” in the left-hand menu.
  3. Select “About” to view details about your device.
  4. Look for the “Model” or “Model Number” entry. The model number will be listed there.
iPad Model Model Number(s) Shop Now
iPad (5th Generation) A1822, A1823 Shop Now
iPad (6th Generation) A1893, A1954 Shop Now
iPad (7th Generation) A2197, A2200, A2198 Shop Now
iPad (8th Generation) A2270, A2428, A2429, A2430 Shop Now
iPad (9th Generation) A2602, A2603, A2604, A2605 Shop Now
iPad (10th Generation) A2696, A2757, A2777 Shop Now
iPad Pro (10.5") A1701, A1709 Shop Now
iPad Air (3rd Gen) A2123, A2152, A2153, A2154 Shop Now
iPad Air (4th Gen) A2072, A2316, A2324, A2325 Shop Now
iPad Air (5th Gen) A2588, A2589, A2591 Shop Now
iPad Mini (6th Gen) A2567, A2568, A2569 Shop Now
iPad Pro (11") A1980, A2013, A1934, A1979 Shop now
iPad Pro (11") (2nd Gen) A2068, A2230, A2231, A2228 Shop Now
iPad Pro (11") (3rd Gen) A2377, A2459, A2301, A2460 Shop Now
iPad Pro (11") (4th Gen) A2759, A2435, A2761, A2762 Shop Now
iPad Pro (12.9") (3rd Gen) A1876, A2014, A1895, A1983 Shop Now
iPad Pro (12.9") (4th Gen) A2229, A2069, A2232, A2233 Shop Now
iPad Pro (12.9") (5th Gen) A2378, A2461, A2379, A2462 Shop Now
iPad Pro (12.9") (6th Gen) A2436, A2764, A2437, A2766 Shop Now

If your iPad model is not listed, it is likely that we no longer carry cases for it.

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