Apple iPad Air 4 2020 Leather Case


A premium leather case for the iPad Air 4 that not only protects your device but also adds a touch of class. Featuring an adjustable stand, sleep/wake technology and all necessary cutouts.

“The Casemade Leather Case is a winner from all aspects. Sporting adorable design and top-grade material, it ticks off all the boxes.” – iGeeksblog

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Every Casemade iPad Air 4 Leather Case is made From

100% Real

Italian Leather

Hand Crafted

Highest Quality Materials

The outside of each and every Casemade iPad Air 4 Leather Case is crafted out of 100% Italian cowhide.  On the inside of the case, your iPad slots snugly into the cover’s soft touch polycarbonate mould.  All Casemade moulds have been form-fitted to ensure that perfect snap fit every single time.

Sleep/Wake Function

This means your iPad will be automatically put to sleep once the Casemade cover has been closed and instantly woken up once the Casemade cover has been opened.

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Openings on the side of the case allow access to ALL the iPad’s external features including the camera, apple pencil charging dock, volume rocker and headphone jack, allowing your iPad to perform all the functions it would be able to do outside of the case.

Dual-Position Stand

The case also doubles as a horizontal stand with two separate viewing positions.  Perfect for watching movies, viewing presentations, writing e-mails on the keyboard or simply browsing the web.

“What an amazing case…
Functional in design, beautiful in real life”

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