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Best iPad Accessories for Creatives

ipad accessories for creatives

Digital artists around the world have turned to Apple and its iPad to unleash their creativity. Through apps like Procreate, Apple has turned its iPad into a competitive product in the drawing tablet world, battling against giants like Wacom. Here are the best accessories to allow you to render your most inspired work!

1. Apple Pencil

apple pencil v1 and v2

It’s no surprise to find the Apple Pencil on this list, given how mighty of a tool it is for creatives. Whether you have a first-generation or second-generation, the Apple Pencil is a necessity for anyone who calls themselves an artist. 

While the second-generation pencil has a more innovative design, featuring a flat edge that attaches magnetically for automatic charging and pairing with the iPad, make sure to purchase the appropriate Apple Pencil for your iPad. 

We recommend checking out Apple’s compatibility guide.

2. Paperlike

If you love drawing on your iPad, but miss the feeling of drawing on paper, look no further! As its name suggests, Paperlike is a screen protector that makes your iPad’s screen feel like paper. It offers the best drawing (and writing) experience on the iPad, while allowing some additional precision. 

You may be skeptical, but we’ve found this innovative product to be a game-changer when creating illustrations or writing on the iPad. Paperlike truly isn’t comparable to any other products on the market, who are, at best, pale imitations of the product that is revolutionizing the way people use their Apple Pencil.

To shop Paperlike 

3. Apple Pencil Grip

When working on a project for several hours, comfort is key. Your hand being your most successful tool to generate inventive designs, it’s crucial you take care of it now. 

A pencil grip, while being a relatively simple invention that has existed long before iPads were even around, is a great way to make the drawing experience more comfortable and prevent conditions like arthritis from ever developing. 

We really like Uppercase Designs NimbleGrip™ with its variety of colours. However, due to its design, second-generation pencil users may have to take off the pencil grip to charge the Apple Pencil. If you want a grip that can stay on at all times, check out Paperlike Pencil Grips.

4. Apple Pencil Tips

Over time, your Apple Pencil’s tips get used up. How quickly depends on a few different factors, like how hard you press on your screen when drawing and if you use a screen protector of any kind, for example.

We strongly recommend purchasing a few more Apple Pencil tips before they start to show signs of wear. That way, you’ll be prepared for that inevitable moment and won’t have to wait to be able to use your iPad.

This pack is an excellent dupe of the original Apple Pencil tips. We aslo recommend this pack, if you’d like to try a different and improved tip for the Apple Pencil.

5. Casemade iPad Leather Case

This list wouldn’t be complete without Casemade’s iPad cases. Of all the cases on the market, Casemade offers the highest quality cases at an affordable price point. Its innovative design allows your iPad case to turn into a stand. Plus, using high-quality leather ensures your case lasts for as long as you need it to!

Leather iPad cases black and tan brown

Its sleek look will definitely make your whole creative space set-up look even more professional. With designs offering tan or black options, there is something for everyone.

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