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The Top 5 Best iPad Apps for Creative Minds

Top Apps for Creatives

With the advancement of technology, creativity has turned increasingly digital. Now our Microsoft Paint days are behind us, new apps are constantly on the rise that are crafted to boost creativity and help budding designers express themselves on a whole new level. From digital art and design to music and video editing, there’s an abundance of creative apps to get stuck into – no matter what skills you have.

2 – Paper By WetTransfer – Free
Paper is a fantastic app that is fantastically free on the app store! Made by WetTransfer, Paper is a stunning digital sketchbook that’s perfect for doodling or sketching designs on the go. With its realistic ink engine, you can use a pencil or even your finger for a more realistic drawing experience. What’s more, the strokes aren’t consistent or computerised – mimicking the feeling of drawing on real paper. Combine your text, images, and sketches in-app to create your next masterpiece!

3 – SnapSeed – Free
Snapseed is a powerful photo editing app that is completely free on the app store. With a simple user interface, your photos will look more professional than ever. It features a full range of beginner and pro editing options including saturation, brightness, curves and white balance. Best of all, you can edit RAW files directly on your tablet to make full quality images remotely.

4 – GarageBand – Free To Download With In-App Purchases
Made by Apple, GarageBand is top of the list of apps for Music Makers. Get ready to turn your iPad into a drum kit, keyboard, or any instrument you fancy at the touch of a finger. Better yet, you can make music from your tablet with various instruments and sounds as standard, with even more features to choose from with in-app purchasing. Easily turn your tablet into a complete recording studio and have access to all the tools to create, mix and record your own music.

5 – FlipaClip – Free
If you’re into old-school animation, FlipaClip is the app for you. It has all the features of modern animation technology such as brushes, lassos and frame by frame animation, but with a classic look and feel. With a cute flipbook style, you can draw little animations on three or more layers, helping you create dynamic videos with multiple frames and many effects.

There are countless other apps out there, for sure, but this hand-picked list should give you some inspiration on how to start getting creative on the go. With the world shifting online more than ever, there’s never been a better time to start creating on your iPad.

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