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What is the difference between Genuine Leather and PU Leather?

Genuine Leather Vs PU Leather


Here at Casemade HQ we have had a surge of emails from happy Casemade leather iPhone case owners complementing us on the superior durability and quality of our covers over that of the previous covers they have owned (We won’t mention any brand names).

The main reason for the quality of the covers in our range is because all our sleeves are crafted from genuine Italian cowhide leather whilst 99% of “leather” cases on the market are made out of poor quality “manmade” leathers. With this in mind I thought it only logical to write our inaugural blog post on the topic of the difference between Real leather and PU leather.

Genuine leather

Genuine leather is categorised as any leather crafted from cowhide. There are numerous types of genuine leather, but we can generally categorise them into three types: aniline, semi-aniline, and pigmented. Here at Casemade we use semi-aniline Italian leather on our entire range. We chose this leather as it caters for two of our main goals, creating cases that will outlive the life of your phone and creating covers that are aesthetically pleasing in appearance.

PU Leather

PU leather or “faux leather” as it is commonly known is a manmade product, which is made from polyester and then treated to smell like genuine leather. It may at first resemble genuine cow leather it is definitely not. It is less hard wearing than genuine leather, of a much lower quality and has a very short life span.

I hope we have been at least slightly informative in our first blog post. If you do want a real genuine leather wallet case then feel free to head over to our shop. As we are an online only company we are able to sell our genuine leather cases at the same price as what many of our competitors charge for faux leather cases.

Thanks for reading!

The Casemade Team

One Reply to “What is the difference between Genuine Leather and PU Leather?”

  1. Bill J

    The quality is what you expect in a leather case. Not only does look pretty, it feels right and it even smells right. I know first hand that they take care of their customers with service after the sale as well as with offering very high quality leather cases. If I had a smart phone I would seriously consider having that nice leather finish on that device as well.

    Bill J

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