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Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Leather Case Black


Compatible model numbers – A1673, A1674, A1675

Please note this case will not fit the iPad 9.7 (2017) – if you require a case for that model see here

Let Casemade protect your tech by pairing up our signature iPad Pro case with your Apple iPad Pro 9.7

The outside of each and every Casemade case is crafted out of 100% Italian cowhide.  On the inside of the case, your iPad Pro slots snugly into the cover’s soft touch polycarbonate mould.  All Casemade moulds have been form-fitted to ensure that perfect snap fit every single time.

Openings on the side of the case allow access to ALL the iPad’s external features including the camera, lightning connector, volume rocker and headphone jack, allowing your iPad Pro to perform all the functions it would be able to do outside of the case.

Our iPad Pro case also incorporates Apple’s smart cover sleep/wake technology.  This means your iPad will be automatically put to sleep once the Casemade cover has been closed and instantly woken up once the Casemade cover has been opened.

The case also doubles as a horizontal stand with two separate viewing positions.  Perfect for watching movies, viewing presentations, writing e-mails on the keyboard or simply browsing the web.

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2 reviews for Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Leather Case Black

  1. Jonathan Feist

    I feel it is crucial that device protection and security be my first accessory purchases for any tablet. The iPad Pro 9.7 especially, as I worry its camera bump will incur damage just setting the device on a table. Not to mention I worry that it will scratch the table. If for no other reasons, a sturdy case is in order, and this CaseMade leather case absolutely fits the bill.

    A sturdy case made of nice leather with a snug fit. I like the red stitching, gives it some life, but there are color options if red on black is not your thing.

    At first it looked like the iPad didn’t quite fit the snap in plastic holder inside the case, but trying to take the tablet out again proved that you should not have to worry about your iPad falling out. Not that it was difficult to remove, but it did take some careful prying with decent force to get it apart, your iPad is safe and secure.

    All of the necessary recesses and slots are in the right places to allow access to all buttons, ports and speakers. The power and volume buttons are a little tucked under, still very accessible, but now with a bit of protection from accidental presses, nicely done.

    Attention to detail in design, packaging and customer service leave me feeling that we’re dealing with a passionate crew of case creators here, not just a big soul-less company out to make a dollar. The entire experience has been a pleasure, and now my iPad Pro 9.7 is safe and secure, ready for the bumps and grinds of my daily life.

    Bottom line: I like this case, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a leather folio style case for their iPad Pro 9.7. Good looks, sturdy build, snug fit, and it doubles as a stand.

    (Disclosure: I received a free review unit, but the opinions are my own – trust me, if I did not like this product, you would know!)

  2. Galahad

    Having now owned this case for about 3 months, I have to say it has exceeded all my expectations. Beautiful tactile feel to it. It does add a little heft to the iPad, but the added weight gives reassurance that the valuable piece of kit inside is fully protected. Oozes quality.

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