3 Pack Microfiber Screen Cleaning Cloths

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There’a no need to make cleaning your device any more difficult than it needs to be. Keep the process simple & stress-free by using a Casemade MAGI-CLEAN microfibre cloth.

CASEMADE MAGI-CLEAN is compatible with all surfaces and lenses. Designed to protect the olephoblic layer on your devices screen by gently dislodging molecules of dirt without the need for use of any nasty chemical solutions.

Every cloth has thousands of tiny fibers (100 times thinner than human hair) that capture all unwanted dirt, oils and grime from your devices display.

Every cloth is lint free and designed with special MAGI-CLEAN technology.  Saw-tooth patterned edges on cloth won’t fray over time unlike many other rival cloths.

ECO-FRIENDLY no need for any chemicals or solutions. Safe for all the family to use.

Each MAGI-CLEAN cloth comes individually packed in its own polyurethane bag.

Made from 80% polyester and 20% poylamide

CLOTH SIZE 12 cm x 12 cm

300gsm quality


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