iPad Pro- What’s the Verdict? Review by Casemade, home of the Apple iPad Pro leather case

iPad Pro- What’s the Verdict? Review by Casemade, home of the Apple iPad Pro leather case
13th December 2015 casemade
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The Apple iPad pro has been rumoured for over a year now, it’s finally here and our range of Apple iPad Pro leather cases are hitting our store imminently.

With all this in mind we thought we would give you all a rundown of the new iPad Pro it’s specifications and how it differs from Apple’s other tablet based offerings.

Availibility and Price

It is the biggest and highest spec iPad yet and it comes at a price to match this revered status. The basic 32gb model costs £679 and the larger 128gb model comes in at £799.

You don’t get any accessories with the case but for the price of £79 you can get the Apple Pencil or the £139 Apple Keyboard.

All is well and good but what about a case to protect my flashy new device I hear you ask. Well don’t worry the Casemade team have got you sorted on that front. Our leather folio case comes in £39 and our thin leather sleeve case at £45, both cases can be found on the store section of our site.

Build and Design

The design of the new iPad Pro differs little aesthetically to the new iPad Mini 4 or the iPad Pro 2. It weighs in at 713 grams which admittedly is a lot heavier than the 437 gram iPad Air 2 but at just 6.9mm thick the iPad Pro remains portable.

In line with the other new iPads, there is no mute / rotation lock slider, another big change is the new quad-speaker system which emits a sound around 3 times louder than that of the iPad Air 2.


At an impressive 12.9 inches the screen bigger than the 12 inch MacBook Air and 12.3in Surface Pro 4. It’s little over 3 inches larger than the iPad Air 2, yet you get nearly twice the real estate, with 78 percent more screen to play with.


At £679 many will choose the iPad Pro over the iPad Air 2 and why not it has a great screen, great specs and plenty of power. What’s not to love.

If you have any questions on the new iPad Pro or about our range of cases please do drop us a line through our contact page, we would be happy to hear from you.

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  1. D. Nightingale 3 years ago

    I love the leather on all your cases. Will you be making any red cases in the future for iPad Pro 9.7 ?

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